Puretane is triple refined in Shreveport Louisiana, through fractional distillation, then further filtered 11 times to remove every last possible impurity, Puretane has for half a decade been the standard by which all N-Butanes are held. But it is not just the raw butane that is important to consider, a closer look at our US facility will reveal a meticulous can filling and packaging process that simply does not allow “mystery oils” or other contaminants to enter the can. This stands in sharp contrast to what is seen in asian facilities that are not sealed or held to normal US regulations which are the most extreme in the world. This comes with a higher costs, from higher employee wages to more expensive equipment and clean rooms, all requiring frequent air filter exchanges.

Puretane cares about your health and the environment, and that’s what drives us to continue creating the cleanest butane available to responsibly minded customers around the world.


  • The ONLY N-Butane made in the USA
  • Far cleaner than foreign brands
  • The Industry’s Favorite for more than half a decade
  • 99.9998% Pure N-Butane
  • Triple Refined  / 11 X Filtered